Fansipan Legend Cable Car

Fansipan Legend Cable Car, the Sun World Fansipan Legend’s suspended cable car system is the highest, longest and the most modern suspended cable system in the world and is the first of its kind in Asia. The suspended cable system of Sun World Fansipan Legend was designed by the famous cable architect, Doppelmayr (Austria – Germany – Switzerland) and was designed and constructed with the strict requirements of Sun Group. Thanks to rigorous safety regulations, this system will guarantee to deliver guests down to the mountain foot with the utmost priority of safety and caution.

To bring a cable system into operation with as many world records as Sun World Fansipan Legend has, the staff members of Sun Group have courageously battled with geographical obstacles, climate pressures and severe weather for over a year.

Alongside the giant triple-wire suspended cable system, the other various works that make up Sun World Fansipan Legend’s suspended cable complex have received great investment of thought towards their arrangement and construction.

Sun World Fansipan Legend station complex, including Sapa station and Fansipan station, is an architectural wonder and lies gracefully in the magnificent scenery of the mountain.

Sapa station is designed with the traditional French architectural style of the 19th Century, boasting impressive scaling walls, floor-to-ceiling arched windows and sophisticated castle-style decor. Meanwhile, utilizing a modern and clean design, the arrival station brings together mankind and nature in perfect harmony. From afar, the arching shape of the station resembles the astonishing image of a colossal leaf wrapping around a bird’s nest.